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Listino Prezzi

Listino Prezzi
Candle questions
The most frequently asked questions are addressed to us by surfers of this site.

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My son will celebrate Confirmation next May. Have you got any suitable little gift made with candles 6963
We are going to get married. Can you make bonbonnierès using candles? 8104
How can I pay your candles if I buy them on line? 7053
I live in London. Can you send your artistic candles to my address? 6946
Do you sell retail? 7027
how can I buy your candles? 6564
Can I custom a candle? 6556
Are the colours of your candles standardize? 6576
Do you use any mould to make your antistic candles? 6585
Which materials do you use to make your candles? 6580
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